Chapter 2: Part 8. Day time soap

Recording date:


Wednesday the 13th of September 2006.

On set of Hotel Cæsar

Hotel Cæsar is a day time Norwegian Soap Opera similar to many US daytime soaps.

I remember calling Hotel Cæsar to find out if they needed background actors. They told me that I could send them pictures, and I said I already had a web site with pictures. She checked them out right away while we were on the phone. She asked me if I could come in and do the role of a business man on Tuesday. It was now Friday. I said yes. She sent me the manuscript for me to memorize and I had a few days to get ready. The business man is a puffed up arrogant guy in a sense wanting trouble. Perhaps just tired from the struggle at the office.

As I taught myself the role I practiced with my girlfriend and she could see a side of me she does not see too often, the really arrogant stuck up side. The kind of guy she would never date and would stay far away from. We happen to meet a couple of her friends on the tram on our way home one evening while I was practicing for the role. It was the first time I met them and I went into my stuck up arrogant side for the fun of it. They looked at each other and her wondering what kind of guy she had met. As my girlfriend and I exited the tram we looked at each other and smiled.

I was hyped and nervous since I had never done something like this before. I really looked forward to it. They put a (mygg) mosquito they call it in Norwegian a mic over my hear with a wire ending at the battery I put in a pocket of the suit. I believe 3 cameras rolling at once. The first run through they told me that they had made changes to the script so I had to readjust on the spot for the minor changes. The second recording was a technical test, and the third they used. It felt like being thrown into the deep water to learn how to swim.

I felt that I had succeeded in a kind of test. I could do this. This performance was so so. I began looking forward to other roles, more meaningful and longer roles that would when the time was right come my way.