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This is the self tape page. To where I show various selfie audition tapes and a few introductions along with pictures etc.

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Klesstørrelser. / Cloth size.
Sko: 42
Skjorte: Medium
Bukse: 31 lengde, 31 bredde.
Høyde: 1.80 m
Vekt: 70-75kg
Hodestørrelse: 58cm

Kontakt informasjon:
Paal Joachim Romdahl

Telefonnummer: 45883097

Mai – June 2024.
Audition tapes for a chocolate commercial. I went to round two and made even more videos. I am showing the videos I made that I liked the most. As there would be dancing in the commercial they asked me to make multiple dance videos. I had a lot of fun making these and other videos.

Posted 24th of November

Images from the music video Heart over Mind by Alan Walker with the artist Daya.

Halloween 31 October at Slottsfjellet in Tønsberg.

Posted 26 October.

Audition selfie tape. I call it “The gift that magically opened.”

20 October 2023

Audition selfie tape. A video showing a very nervous Paal Joachim.

Self presentation.

25 September

Fader Johannes

15 March.
Self recording a while before we did the first shooting for the short movie from Danvig Folkehøyskole in Drammen. I was the main lead. Speech is in Norwegian attitude is without language.

Video 1st March.

Another Intro selfie. This one from 14 September of 2022.

August 2022. For a VY Commercial. I actually got this one.
See my article about working as a Photo Double in a VY commercial.

I believe this was for Polly Peanuts commercial.

For a Coop Prix commerical.

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