Chapter 2: Part 7. The hand in the bucket

Recording date:


March 2005

I created a new video presentation of myself with Canibal Casting as well as with Folk & Film. So that March through June I suddenly found myself being a part of 5 different commercials. Tine – Yogurt, TeleNor, Bok Klubben, Rimi and Narvesen. In the assignment for Rimi which is a grocery chain here in Norway I was kneeling down polishing the main characters shoes. I was visible on screen from the side wearing my brown leather jacket. The Narvesen commercial has still not been shown on TV but should probably be sometime during the next few months. (I never did see this commercial.)

I have just finished another job this time a modeling job. The photos shoot took place at the same cinema complex, theatre 1 where I a year ago spoke for an audience about my experiences on 21 Grams, I was now among 20 people being taken a picture of for NSB (Norwegian State Trains). We sat in our seats looking straight forward at the screen while the picture was taken from the back. The girl I sat beside and myself were closest to the camera. My hand visible in the popcorn bucket that she is holding.

MSB poster 2005 - hand in bucket
MSB poster 2005 – hand in popcorn bucket.

I think it is about time that I become more visible on screen, and I might just have that chance as I am doing a test film at Folk&Film Casting on Monday for TeleNOR the telecom company which I last year had two modeling jobs for. I also received a call from Cannibal Casting the same company that gave me the Tine dairy job a few days ago if I was interested in a commercial for Grandiosa, the most known pizza here in Norway. I will find out over the next few weeks if I get the TeleNOR and the Grandiosa commercial job.

April 2005

I have noticed that certain experiences have a way of coming into my life. I have grown up in a family where I have been used to getting my material needs covered, but after my return to Norway 1st/2nd of January last year it was natural to stand on my own feet and manage my own expenses. I was lucky that I was able to get a hold of some modeling jobs so that they covered various expenses, but when I moved into a small hybel/one room place in August of last year after having spent the first 7 months living free I suddenly had the added expense of rent. The first few months went fine but in February/March this year my bank account slowly showed that something was going out while almost nothing coming in. I was just barely able to cover my March rent with a background job in a Tine tv commercial, a modeling job for NSB along with what I had left in my bank account. It was obvious for me that life was bringing me the lesson that money is actually needed. That I somehow had to get more jobs and earn some money. I went into a kinda competition with myself in spending as little as possible while trying to figure out what to do. Two more tv commerical jobs came up, TeleNOR and Bok Klubben.

Another thing that I find very interesting is that less than an hour after I had gone to a (kinda) healing appointment called Still Point Therapy 4th of March I received a call for a tv commercial job. It was my first modeling/acting job this year. So something happened during the healing session.

I had another healing appointment 26th of April and I was resting a bit at the center afterward when I received a call for a tv commercial for Kid (a chain that sells various interior items). It is interesting that just after both the appointments I have received calls for a job. I wonder if something will happen when I go back for another appointment on 16th of May. Btw I received another call today asking if I was available for a tv commercial for phone information 1880, which is the Norwegian information line for phone information.

Working at the retirement nursing home

One night in March I had a dream that I was asking Bill Gates how to earn money and the follow morning I felt like calling a friend of mine who works at Abildsø Bo og Rehabilitering rehabilitation center/nursing home/last station home. She gave me the number to her supervisor, who I called, and a few days later we had a meeting. I had my first shift 14th of April, and it seems like I will be working 3-4 times a week. Finally some money is coming my way again. The clients were mostly older people who have had strokes, etc physically handicapping them so that they needed help with everything from morning wash to help with meals. Taking care of the basic needs of a human being became utterly important as it challenged my own boundaries as I had to wipe someones butt for the first time, change a diaper, wash their bodies with a small wash cloth or give them a shower, as if it was a little baby I was caring for. Visiting my brother and being beside him as he changed the diaper of his 1 and a half year old son Ludvig did not at all bother me at all after my experiences at the retirement home.

The Gardener job

I worked there until July. When a friend talked about her job as a gardner at a cemetery at Alfaset here in Oslo. The job sounded interesting as she got to work outside mowing the lawn, weeding and taking care of the grounds. While working at the retirement home I had watered some plants, noticing them come alive after receiving the water, I sent out a wish to God wanting to work with the earth. I wanted my hands dirty with soil being on all four in the mud so to speak. I also missed mowing lawns as I have always found it relaxing in the single-mindedness of mowing.

My friend suggested that we work together next summer having fun in others company. It seemed like a good idea, but I hesitated saying that I have no idea what I will be doing next summer, so we let it go.

August 2005

A couple of weeks later my friend called me up saying that they needed more workers at the cemetery. I was interested as I felt that my time at the retirement home was finished, so this fit in well. The only hitch being that I had to work every week day for six weeks from 7 am to 3 pm. Another friend of my friend joined in as well. New to the job and we met with our future boss on a Friday and the following Monday the 8th of August our first work day began.


Tuesday the 30th of August 2005

I was a part of a Maxbo (Menards like) commerical which I for the very first time will become visible so that people will recognize me on tv.

I also have another commercial this time for Mills (food company) on following Sunday.
(EDIT: I never did see this commercial.)