Chapter 2: Part 9. The vampire

Recording date:


10th of June 2010.

For a few years a friend of us had mentioned that he would use me in something. Meaning as he worked on projects within NRK (Norwegian TV) he wanted to use me for a project that he meant I would be good in.

The day came. I asked if I wanted to be a vampire in a childrens program called Krem Nasjonal. I said yes.

This music video was created June 2010 next to Dattera til Hagen tavern in downtown Oslo by NRK – Norwegian TV. The two children host the Krem Nasjonal childrens tv series. In this video they sing about the boring adults. And we see how boring the adults are with their coffee drinking, reading the newspaper, chatting about boring things, stress and more. The song goes on into how the adults do not know (or forget) that they are interesting and the adults suddenly turn into various colorful characters. I uploaded this video because I play the Vampire. As I got into character a very intensive side of me came forth. There was a kindergarden in a building right by and the young kids looked out at us intrigued and just a little bit frightened at seeing something they had not seen before, a vampire. It was fun smiling and waving my cape at them.

I also made a selfie vampire video.