Exploring modeling and acting within the entertainment industry.

My Acting Portfolio with Los Angeles diary from 2003 containing acting and modeling. As well as acting and modeling jobs I have had in Norway from 2004 and onward. As well as recently in the fall of 2022.

Changes and expressions captured in single moments of time…

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From 2002 to 2022.




In my acting and modeling portfolio you will see many images, videos and be able to read about the experiences as I have worked on various productions.

Here are some examples from my LA diary.

No bad habits
As Jules has told me a few times, which she did again tonight, “you keep up with anyone in this room.” Which meant that after three months of training in this class there was basically no difference in depth of performance between me and any of the others who have done acting for years. She has also told me, “you have no bad habits, [since you have had no earlier training]” “If you quit acting you will not only cheat yourself but also everyone else.” From entry Chapter 5: LA part 6 – Santa Monica.

The Santa Monica breeze
The seagulls levitate in the air just above the roof tops in front of me almost within arms reach. Gliding in the air as if it was water that held them in place. The calmness of their flight and the feel of the breeze pricking my face relaxes my anxious mind. I sit here on the roof top above some of the apartments at Seaview Hotel, looking passed other roof tops to the Pacific Ocean that comes in to greet me and the city of Santa Monica. From entry Chapter 2: LA part 4 – Floating Seagulls.

The look
We were in lines but at 8pm Rob Marshall the Director had to leave, and many were disappointed that he would not be able to sign their books. I hesitated for a moment wondering if I was going to run after him, so I could tell him that he seems like a very warm open hearted person. I went after Rob and told him, and also mentioned that I was getting into acting. He replied that I had the look for it, and from his expression it seemed that he wanted to say more, but could not find the words to explain what it was. As he said the words his hand turned in a roundish way that was similar to the movement of opening the wheel on a safe. I told him that I had given a business card to Bill the Writer and his publicist that was for him, and he replied that he would get it later. From entry Chapter 2: LA part 11 – The Book Signing.

The screen
During the scene were I walked back and forth as part of the background, Adam the Cinematic Photographer ended the recording by focusing the camera directly at me so that the crew saw me on the screen of their monitor. I stood still on the side, thinking that I was outside of the scene which I was, but began to wonder when I noticed the attention I was getting as the camera pointed directly at me. I became embarrassed thinking that I had not gone far enough out of the scene. The Director, AD and Producer said something about me as they saw me on their screen. They probably saw my surprise as Adam aimed his camera at me. The Script fixer told me a little while later “the screen likes you.” From entry Chapter 5: LA part 9 – Lost Focus part 1 Bar Scene.

Body double for Sean Penn in 21 Grams.
I watched the scene a few times noticing the pace of the three shots, and walked out to the others.
I aimed the gun into the top right corner of the lens just inches away. The weapon specialist took the gun and filled it with blanks that would create a smoke travel as it came out. He also handed me ear plugs because the noise would be similar to a regular gun being used. Chapter 7: LA part 1 – 21 Grams