Chapter 3: part 7 Heart over Mind Alan Walker music video

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Alan Walker, Daya – Heart over Mind, music video. Behind the scenes.

Alan Walker Music Video Metal worker Paal Joachim Romdahl
A walker in the metal shop

The video is about walkers going to work being depressed as they are heavily guarded by drones and guards. Each day is the same as the day before. One walker begins to rebel and gets others to join him. He also runs away and gets out of the guarded city. The logical mind will continue the every day life but the heart needs the feeling of being free.


The Alan Walker and Daya – Heart over Mind music video.

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Music video treatment.
Showing how the team visualised the video before the recording began.

How I became an extra in the Alan Walker music video.

The recording was done in Oslo, Norway.

As I am a member of various acting/extra Facebook groups I noticed that in the Skuespillere, statister og arbeid i film, TV og media group was posted a message about needing extras as background for a music video by Alan Walker with the artist Daya. The song title named: Heart Over Mind. (I keep writing Heart Over Mind when the title is Heart over Mind.)

I had an instant association with the music video There’s Gotta Be More to Life with Stacie Orrico where I was also an extra. The recording was done in Los Angeles in 2003. Actually Daya is similar in person as Stacie.

Day 1 – 24th of October.
First day of shooting for Heart Over Mind.

They needed 3 extras on day one. It was a half day shooting. We meet at Sinsen krysset (round about) in Oslo. Here is the call sheet for day one.

Various pictures and screenshots directly from the music video for day one.

Walkers going to work guarded by drones Alan Walker Daya Heart Over Mind Music video

I took a selfie of myself and Kristian as we are changing to the guard clothes and protection equipment. The scene did not need the protection equipment so we took that off again.

The scene was that Kristian and myself were guards out patrolling when the hero/main character comes running. I point to him.

We had a short day.

Extras were done for the day while Herman the main character and the rest of the crew were to shoot the scenes of the main lead character in an apartment and on a river. The “river” is a water area in downtown Oslo at Grønland.

Day 2 – 25th of October.
The second day of shooting for Heart Over Mind.

The call sheet for day 2.

We were to meet at a gaming place in downtown Oslo. In an area called barcode. It would be a full day from 9:30 to 21.30. A 12 hour day.

We had an outside scene. I was part of a group walking along a wide paved road.

Walking forth and back on the same road a few times. They recorded various takes.

Next up was walking along a much smaller paved road.

The tunnel

Next location – Fjellhamar.
We had to take the train to get there and meetup at a pizza place as the crew gradually got ready for the next shoot.

Here is a screenshot from the train tunnel used in this specific scene.

What the tunnel actually looks like with cast and crew.

When we were done at this location and met back up at the pizza place close by. Ate a lot of pizza and were driven to the next location at a metal shop.

The metal shop

I also made a video showing the metal shop.

12 hours later perhaps as a walker would be doing in their work life the shift was over. We were finished for the day and the music video was done. Time to walk home. We as extras did not rebel against the crew….

Additional behind the scenes material I came across.