Chapter 2: Part 1. The visit

Recording date:


End of April 2004.

A call came that I had been waiting for since before I moved to Norway January 1st / 2nd 2004. It was my dad who told me that they had finally sold our home back in Chanhasesn, Minneapolis. It was a relief to hear that they had finally sold the house as my parents had since November owned two homes. The new home close to Sarasota in Florida and our home of the last 7 years in Minneapolis. He invited me to come over to help them move, which I gladly said yes to do as I needed a break in my life back in Oslo. Another week passed and on 5th of May I left for Minneapolis with a return ticket to Oslo the 28th/29th of June.

May and June 2004

Suddenly I was back into the life I was used to having for about 9 years. Back into the Norwegian community in Minneapolis. Back to see friends and family. Life happened for me here. I felt needed by my friends and family. It felt like coming home. But home changes at various times in life.

I had until the 2nd of June in our home in Minneapolis before the new owners were taking over, and as it came closer to the end I wondered more and more about my own life in Minneapolis. Coming more and more to the realization that life flowed so well here. That even if my parents sold our home here that it would be natural for me to return some day and create my life here. It was hard letting go of my last home with my parents. As I went through the process in the physical world my dreams also reflected the experiences I was having.

I asked the Dale family (Norwegian pastor family I am close to) if I could stay with them for a while. I knew they were going to Norway on a longer summer vacation about 10 days later, so I was able to stay with them and I even drove them to the airport the day they left. It was a magical time with the Dale family and it became so natural for me to be a part of the family and live with them. In the end it was almost strange that I was not going with them to Norway. I will very likely visit them after my return to Norway on the 29th of June. There is a similar need to being around them as I have of my need to be an actor in movies. Both makes me feel so filled with life….

Home changes. Being home-less makes it possible for me to find other homes I would not have found it I had not been home-less. One became at my brothers apartment in Oslo while they were away, another with my friend with the cat, but the best one with the Dale family for 10 days back in Minneapolis.

I do have one more home though and that is in my parents new home in Florida where I am writing these words.

I will soon return to Oslo, Norway. Where my home will be then I do not yet know…..But I do know that I will figure something out. It always happens….