Chapter 1: Part 8. Relationships

Recording date:


7th of April 2004

I stayed a week at a friends home in Hønefoss. Wondering where I would go next. She suggested that I could perhaps watch a cat for a friend of hers in Oslo. Her friend was going to Denmark to a yoga retreat for a week and needed someone to watch her cat. So that was what happened. I lived in a big house along with two others who also had arranged to stay there during that period.

….And so begins my third intimate relationship. Being in various intimate relationships that overlap was very new to me. Exploring aspects of intimacy I have never explored before.

When the yoga girl came home she began to talk about things that came up for her during the retreat. As she talked about it it came up even stronger. I was there to comfort and to listen as she talked about the difficult things she needed to let go off. We became close, very quick, and as the Magnolia tree just outside her window slowly blossomed over the next few weeks, she also slowly blossomed to let go off many things in her that had been stuck for a very long time to open up more of who she was underneath. It was wonderful to see the transition that took place, but it was becoming very straining on me as I felt like I was in a virvel pool slowly losing my balance. It was not only her that went through things that were stuck but being in this situation things came up in me as well.

I felt I could not see my two other intimate female friends during April as I had my hands full and could not focus on another during this time.

I want to thank all three girls for what we have shared with each other. Being intimate is not as scary or as holly as I once thought. Being intimate when it feels right is a wonderful thing. To let whatever happen, to be open to what can be. I feel even more comfortable with my body, and I am more at ease with it. The theme for this is listen to the body. The head is one part but listening to the whole body is one of the most important things we can do.