Chapter 4: LA part 3 – Being Helpful

Recording date:


Thursday the 24th of April 2003

I went to C&C internet cafe (across the street from the Travel Lodge hotel) where I have been eating breakfest on occasion as well as checking e-mails. This day I was approached by a black man in his 50’s who looked like he was 18 who sat at a table right behind me. He had never approached anyone there before, but felt compelled to talk with me. He asked about e-mail accounts, so I helped him create a free account through Yahoo. After that he asked if I would be willing to drive him to a gas station a little bit way from there to pick up his car that was being fixed. I felt that I was there to give him some help today so I said yes. We drove over to the gas station, and he heard that they were not able to fix it. So to figure out what to do next we went to a place down the street and had a break.

Afterward we went back and I followed behind him from the Hollywood area to Burbank to a garage where someone could look at it. He left the car there and we drove in my car to a restaurant nearby and while I spoke with Jules on the phone he picked up some barbecue ribs.

Friday the 25th of April 2003

I had said that I could drive him back to the garage, and before that we dropped by the SAG office where he picked up some information for me. After that we had lunch and we drove to ISM office where I showed them my updated resume, and got some additional corrections. We drove to the garage after this and he picked up his car and I drove behind him. The car had not been fixed as it cost a lot more then initially said, so he drove off with me behind. We drove to a gas station and he filled up his car, and then we dropped by a 99 cents store, where I saw a girl that ignited me. I also felt that I affected her, but I did not approach her. I talked about her with my new friend as we exited the store, and he came with the suggestion that we go to a night club that night. So we did.

Before that as I followed him on the freeway I heard something blow up. Something happened with his car. The car still worked, but there were some sounds coming from it. He drove to his hotel down the street from my Travel Lodge, and I parked at my hotel. I walked toward his hotel and met up with him and we went to a pizza place close by and ate dinner. We agreed to meet an hour later, at 9.30pm to go a nightclub in Beverly Hills. The nightclub is huge and has an outside area, and two different areas inside for dancing. I think it was my first night club visit during my two months here in Los Angeles.

He asked me later if I wanted to go with him to visit his children in the morning, I avoided in a way to answer as I was not sure. He wanted me to drive again, and it seemed like he almost was getting himself hooked on the help I was giving him.

Saturday the 26th of April 2003

The next day I dropped by and knocked on his door around 11.15am but there was no answer so I left him a message on front of his door. If he got it or not I do not know. I have not seen him since.

I took it easy the rest of the day.