Chapter 2: LA part 8 – The Reality Show

Recording date:


Monday 3 March 2003

I woke up fairly early and took a quick shower. Headed out on my way to the Reality Show “Do you want to be the next action super star” audition. I got there around 7.30am and noticed the line was not as long as I at first thought, but as I got back after 10-15 minutes having found a place to park the line had grown. As I left my car I bumped into a very pleasant guy, Eddie from Ohio who had moved over here three weeks ago on his way to the same audition and we walked over there together while chatting. We stood in line for a few minutes and were joined by another person that we both connected with, so the three of us stood in line and waited chatting about this and that for a few hours.

The line slowly moved forward and at 1.45pm Troy the last of the three of us decided to leave as he had an audition for Starship Troopers 2 at 2.45pm at Manhatten Beach. Eddie and I continued waiting in line. About half an hour later one of the people working for the company came out and said that they had not expected this many people for the audition (perhaps it was around 1200 people) and said that people could leave their headshot with her and she and the casting directors would go through them in the evening. Even just getting inside we would have to wait another 2 hours before we would be able to have a few seconds with the casting directors. So I dug up my one headshot that I planned to use at various modelling agencies, and wrote my name, cell phone, e-mail, height, eye and hair color on the back. Very unprofessional I think but that is what I had at that moment so I gave it to an assistant that was helping her. Now I have at least given away one headshot to an agency. They would also keep the headshots on file for future needs. It was the same company that found actors for the Lord of the Rings series, so now I am on file with them. Eddie and I left. I think many others decided to stick around and wait and see what happened.

I felt like I was not as prepared as I should have been, and a part of me begun thinking that I do not want to do this acting stuff, that I should go back again to Minneapolis. At that moment I heard police sirens sounding outside the window and 4 police cars went quickly by. I noticed a small red car quickly drove in reverse trying to get away from the police. I do not know if he was successful or not, but the timing of seeing that came just a short moment after the thought of running away from doing what I need to do here in Los Angeles came to me. Even if this acting stuff will take a bit of time I still need to do it. I also believe that when I first get going I will have so much enjoyment out of it and realize that I am where I need to be, and where I also want to be.