Chapter 2: LA part 16 – The Photo Shoot

Thursday 20th of March

Hurray! One month in LA! And it has been quite a month!

The Photo shoot

War in Iraq sets in for full force. CNN even broadcasted it on TV, as if it was a tv game. While I go to Carlos the professional Photographer to get my model and headshot pictures taken. I get there 15 minutes early, ring the door bell and walk up to the third floor. Open the door and notice that just inside Carlos is busy taking pictures of another model. I decide to wait outside in the hallway until it is my turn. About 10 minuttes later someone opens the door and looks for me so I walk inside into what I discover seems to be the photographers apartment. Carlos had set up a paper screen in his living room to use as a background for the pictures he took. I came in and sat down on the couch for a few moments, and met his two assistants, the girl did makeup and hair, and a guy took out cloths for me to use for the shots.

The first set of cloths he brought out for me was to be a cowboy outfit. A orangy spotted white shirt, rough dirt like jeans, and the white cowboy hat similar to what my friend Mike from the Norwegian Church has.


There were two of us a girl and myself that took turns being the model. This was the day where ISM (Internatinal Starr Models) sent over their new models for new pictures. I was told that I was the only guy that came though, so they had to get clothes for me to wear for the various shots.

It was fun being a cowboy in front of the camera. Most of the time I held the hat in my hand but at the end some poses with the hat on me as well.


Next outfit was one of the party look. The guy (do not remember his name) asked me if I had taken shoes with me. I at first said no, and he said “I knew this would happen…..” But before he really got into his ranting I told him that I had everything with me in the car, as I had checked out of the motel in Studio City that morning, so I went out into the trunk of the car and picked out my brown and black shoes and brought along some socks that fit with them as well. I wore black pants, shoes, socks, a coat, and a red shirt for the shot.

For the next shot he asked me to cut some of the hairs on my throat and upper half of my chest. At first I gave him a look of surprise that said gush how much, and he asked me “did your agent not tell you?”. Susanna had not told me much at all, so I told him no, but I had no problem in removing some of my chest hair, got so much of it anyway and it will grow back over time. I was thinking in my mind that I would need to shave some of it, but it made it easier on me when he gave me a scissor to work with.


Next shot was the Norwegian mountain look with a parka (winter coat with fur along the hood) and a bag to have under my arm.


Next the Mission Impossible look. Sure made me feel like Tom Cruise. Small black (lue) cotton hat, black leather pants, black pullover shirt, red leather jacket.

For this shot we walked outside into the beautiful warm sun, down the street and took some pictures with a dark red wood fence background. I did various poses some directed some improvised. It went fairly quick and on the way back I said a quick farwell to the other model who was now finished and on her way to her car.

She gave me the big eye smiley look approving the way I looked in the leather outfit, actually the male assistant gave me a similar look during my mountain session. She said something like we will probably meet again at ISM, and I am guessing we will.


There were a few more sessions/shots, and also a shot for a new acting heatshot. Used for sending out to various casting directors to see the look of various actors.


The last session was one of a beach bum style. Barefooted, beaded leather necklace, blue jeans, white vrinkled shirt. I sat sloppy on a chair on the portch letting the sunlight hit me relaxing me where I sat.

The photo session finished. It was awesome playing in front of the camera. Carlos told me that I had done a very good job. I can easily take directions as long it is not from someone in my own family. It was easy to work with Carlos and it will be very fascinating to see the results next Friday. I will then meet with Susanna and we will then together pick out which of the pictures we want. I do not know how many we can pick out, but I will find out various details the next time we meet. I get to keep all the negatives, and will hopefully one day scan in a bunch of them and print out some additional pictures.