Chapter 2: LA part 17 – In Between Moments

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Back into today….

Saturday 22nd of March 2003

I spent some time in the Santa Monica area and southward looking for possible places to live. I also spent some time on the beach in Venice looking at the one meter high (3.2 foot) waves. I am even more confused than before, but at least I know a few more things about the areas along the coast southward from Santa Monica.

I went back to Hollywood looking for the church called “Church of Religion and Science” which I had noticed in the middle of last week. Yesterday (Friday) I went to a Fish dinner at Nansen Field. I had been invited to the Fish dinner by a member of the Fish Club when I had been at the Sailor Church in Sand Pedro last Sunday. It was interesting to see how similar it is to the Fish Club (or Torske Klubben) in Minneapolis. I was asked beforehand if I had a nice coat, which I do so I wore that and other nice cloths for the dinner. After the dinner I spoke with someone who attends the Church of Religious Science, and I plan to tomorrow Sunday go to the worship service.

Sunday 23nd of March 2003

A brief writing moment this Sunday.

Since I was in Hollywood today I dropped by the Kodak Theatre to see what preparations that are being done for tomorrow’s Oscar Award ceremony event. The street in the area outside in front doors has been blocked off, a red carpet is now in place to greet the various movie stars as they exit their limos. There was a feeling of excitement in the air for tomorrow’s event. I do not know what I will be doing tomorrow evening I will find out as I go.

Afterward I left for Nansen field and the dinner at the Fish Club. It was a good place to visit and connect with people who are in some way connected with Norway. I had a nice time.