Chapter 6: LA part 1 – Spiritual Matters

Wednesday the 18th of June 2003

Connecting with Hope

I checked Craigslist again. This time I looked in the room mate section and came across a message from a girl who was coming to Los Angeles to attend a spiritual retreat. She needed a place to stay. I felt compelled to reply, and I sent her a short e-mail saying that I would be of help in anyway that I could. Hope replied a day later telling me about the Amma retreat and asked me if I could help her with a place to stay while in Los Angeles.

I told her that it would be tricky for her to stay at the place I was living as I had one room and shard the living room with two others.

Thursday the 19th of June 2003

Talking with Hope on the phone

I talked to Hope briefly over the phone today. The signal was bad so our talk was short, but she said again that she needs a place to stay during the conference. I said I could check into hotels, and she asked if I perhaps had friends who had a couch that she could sleep on for a few days. Because of her I went to the bed store close to where I live in Santa Monica and ordered a bed. The guy told me that they would have the frame in by Tuesday. It is the same day that Hope arrives. I am thinking that I can stay on the couch or sleep on the floor and she can sleep in my new bed. I will find out what happens. I feel that I need to help her as much as I possibly can. It is as if I owe her much as if we know each other from earlier times when she greatly helped me, and now I can at least try and repay just a little bit.

Friday the 20th of June 2003

I heard from Hope as she e-mailed me to let me know that she had received a reply from Ursha, who told Hope that she could stay with them.

I was  glad a solution came up.

Hope and I spoke over the phone again and I said that I would pick her up when she arrived on LAX airport on Tuesday.

Monday the 23rd of June 2003

Energy Healing

I called Sarah today (a friend of Christine which I have met a couple of times) We agreed on that I should come over right away. We had talked about it for a few days, and I was to drop by on Saturday but it never happened since I was going with Tristen and Christine to a party. Tristen left first and I went with Christine as she had a few things she needed to do first. It took a while and we became hungry so I persuaded her to come with me and eat dinner at a Chinese restaurant. Tristen called and told us that he was bored and was heading home.

I left at noon. Sarah and I spoke about spiritual matters before I began a massage and energi healing. She went through whatever was needed, and I felt a stronger closeness to her and felt that my heart opened sharing my heart felt presence with her. At the end she laid down on the couch and a sorrow came over her. I placed my body right above hers not touching to give her support in letting the difficult emotions pass through. I held her physically sitting on the couch and she cried again.

A while later we lay at each our end of the couch. I held her feet since I noticed energy being received by her right foot while her left foot released energy.

Sarah was exhausted and needed rest. I gave her a good hug, and she gave me a good hug and I left.

Ray the homeless person

“You need to open your heart as it is somewhat closed off,” Ray the homeless person told me. “You need a girlfriend that you can love with all of your heart, and a kid to call your own.”  “Thank you Ray!” I was on my way again.