In Norway – On the way

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I would stay in my brother’s and his wife’s apartment for 3 months while they spent time in Spain with her parents. Having time to figure out my new life.

Friday 2nd January 2004 – Minneapolis.

I arrived on January the 2nd at Gardermoen the airport north of Oslo. My brother and my 3-4 month old nephew picked me up. It was unreal to see my 2.5 year old younger brother with an infant by his side knowing that it was his little child. It was great connecting with them both, especially for the first time the little one.

Landing earlier today around 11.30am on Gardermoen airport outside of Oslo. The airport looked the same as it did almost two years ago, but I felt like a huge part of me had not yet landed but was still in transit some place. This did not feel like the Norway that I have always known deep inside. It felt like an old friend that had changed and it was now time to renew the friendship. As we came into Oslo after a 40 minute drive from the airport, I felt no sudden burst of happiness or any specific emotion come to me. Familier areas felt foreign to me, as the memory had been ripped out of from me. As we came closer to my friends house just on the other side of Oslo where I am staying for a few days I felt a sudden tightness of knowing that many people in this country are too afraid to follow their dreams, and tell themselves that dreams are just in fairy tales and do not happen. I know that dreams do happen, but it is up to us to have the courage to follow them when the time is right.

My brother loaned me his extra phone that we (mom, dad or I use) when we are in Norway. He will call me later today so that we can possibly meet this evening.

I arrived at my friends home.

I sat in the living room for a while looking out onto the winter landscape of houses and trees covered in a blanket of white, and suddenly a piece of myself fell into place. I am in Norway! This is actually Norway! Thoughts went to practical matters of making the official move back here, so that I would be able to get a Tax “card” so that I can work, and other practical matters I need to take care off to get going here in Norway.

6th of January 2004

I registered as non-employed at the government work office. I will not receive any social benefits as I have not taxed to Norway in the last year, but they can help me find specific jobs. While I was there I looked up what was available and found the modeling job in Oslo that I had applied for before I left Minneapolis. I also looked up specific modeling agencies addresses here in Oslo and later in the day I dropped by one of them for a short visit to show them my portfolio and give them a business card and a modeling card with additional pictures. I also e-mailed NRK (Norwegian TV) and wrote down numbers to a few more TV stations.

The blue cafe

I attended an event at cafe Blå (Blue) where a few Norwegian directors will be showing scenes from their movies. I was able to talk with various people within the entertainment industry, but not much came out of it.

9th of January 2004

After staying for a week at a friends home and the people she lived with I was able to move into my brother’s and his wife’s apartment for 6 weeks while they visit my parents in Florida.