Chapter 3: part 4. The movie Quisling

Recording date:


Fitting was on the 8th of September. The day after the In the Name of Love pool scene. Where I had long hair and a month old beard. As you see in this picture.

Long hair meet short hair - Paal Joachim
Long hair meet short hair – Paal Joachim

There were 3 days of recording for the Quisling film a second world war movie to where I was to have short hair and be clean shaven. I would end up having time to grow out my beard and hair again for the upcoming In the Name of Love recording on the 2nd of November.

Norges Veterinærhøgskole (The old Norwegian Veterinary School)

29th September – Day one.

One group had recording in the morning and another group which I was in met at 2 pm at the old Norwegian Veterinary school which has a second world war hospital feel to it. I was to be one of the doctors. In the movie it represented Lovisenberg hospital.

After changing into our customes we waited around for a while before the first recording was done. There was only once scene today which was outside by the gate.

Scene 1 – outside.
Various people had their start positions. Another doctor and myself walked from a door toward the camera and crossed infront of it. The main character dropped the cable to his radio infront of us and said hello. We stopped for a moment looking at what was going on and then continued walking.

It was a short day with a lot of waiting to do the one scene.
As I like to create behind the scenes material I took pictures of the extras and I suggested for Bjørn Kristian (responsible for the extras) to be in the picture as I took the group picture. Then he took a few pictures that I was included in the extras group. I am not allowed to share pictures before the movie has been released.

4th October – Day two.

We were back the Norwegian Veterinary School for additional scenes.

From the information we received beforehand.

In Norwegian
and further down in English.

Det er 8. mai 1945.

I den første biten av dagen vil dere være i deres vante arbeidsoppgaver
ved sykehuset. Diakonisser ser til pasienter, noen er på vei ut til
lunsj, andre på vei for å ta seg en røyk etc. Konkrete oppgaver vil du
få på dagen.

Etter vi har etablert sykehuset vil noen av dere bli med Peder (presten)
inn på en improvisert nattverd. Når den gjengen er inne og får oblater
avbrytes de av støy på gangen. Folk jubler og Peder kommer ut for å se
hva som skjer.

Alle på sykehuset har fått høre nyheten om at tyskerne har kapitulert.
Vi er fri! Peder kommer bort og ser at en vaktmester heiser opp flagget
mens andre jubler, danser, klemmer hverandre og gir all kjærligheten
dere kan makte.

Noen videoer som kan være til inspirasjon for følelsene vi prøver å
fange her:

Gleder oss til å møte deg og ha deg med på denne utrolig sterke dagen!

In English.
It is 8. May 1945 (The day the war in Norway ended).

The first part of the day you will be doing the rounds with your usual work at the hospital. Nurses check on patients, some are on the way out to lunch, others on their way to take a smoke etc. More details will be given on the day of filming.

After we have filmed the rutines at the hospital some of you will join Peder (Pastor) at an improvised communion. When the communion is happening they are disturbed by the noise coming from the hallway. People are joyous and Peder comes out to see what is going on.

Everyone at the hospital has heard the news about the German surrender. We are free! Peder comes over and sees the janitor raise the flag as others call out in joy, dance, hug and give lots of love.

Some of the emotions looking to capture in the scene:

We look forward to seeing you on this powerful day!

The day of filming.

I came to the Norwegian Veterinary school a little over 8am. Changed into the custom and waited. A few others had been taken over to the building next door for an interior scene.

Scene 1 – Inside an office.
Someone cane and fetched me for a scene inside an office. I was to talk into the room. Hang my doctors coat on the coat rack. Put on my nice coat, hat and get the brief case and a few papirs on the top rack. Then walk by and nod to Peder whom sat by the door and then walk across the hallway. At the same time others walk by outside the office.
–> I do not see the purpose of this scene. It was of course fun to do and if it is used I will become highly visible in the movie.

Scene 2 – the hallway.
All the extras where taken over to the building next door to where we waited. There were various scenes in the hallways where people had different assignments. It looked like a busy hallway in a hospital.

Scene 3 – Walking down the stairs.
I walked ahead in front of Peder toward the stairway and stopped for a moment saying hello to one doctor and additional two more doctors came and we walked down the stairs with Peder just behind us.
–> It was a nice scene.

Scene 4 – The nurse exits the room and calls out we are free!
At the same instead I walked by the room and smiled and called out YES! I went toward the flag being raised on the small ledge a little further down the hallway along with many others.

Scene 5 – Celebration.
We were just inside looking out at the small veranda edge where the janitor raised the flag. Celebrating. Singing, dancing and hugging each other.

What an interesting day! As if we were reliving history!

Den gamle Logen

7th of October

Information we received beforehand.

In Norwegian.
Scenene vi skal spille inn i morgen foregår utenfor Logen i Oslo. I
scenen kommer Quisling til sin egen rettssak. Utenfor står militær,
politi, journalister og sivile som forsøker å få med seg det som skjer.

In English.
The scenes to be recorded will be outside the Gamle Logen in Oslo. Quisling enters his own court case. Outside the military, police, journalists and civilians try to understand what is happening.

My meeting time was at 6am at the Gamle Logen, Grev Wedels Plass 2, 0151 Oslo. This is in downtown Oslo close to the old fortress. As I arrived I sat and waited in one of the dining halls along with a lot of other extras. I was told there were up to 140 extras on this day. It took a while before everyone had changed into their costumes and gone through makeup. It was closer to 10.30 before we had the first scene.

Scene 1 – In front of the main doors.
The scene was in front with focus on the entrance as various people entered the building. Journalists, military, police and others were there looking at whom was entering. There was a rush of people going up to the people entering and the military holding people back.


Scene 2 – Behind the building.
There were military at the back entrance to the building as well as spread around in the area. People were standing around here and there waiting for Quisling to arrive.
Suddenly a big green upen military truck, then a two passenger old motorbicycle, and behind them a black car drove into the area. The black car drove up to the entrance area containing Quisling to where he was to exit the car and enter the building. As they came closer we yelled out at him. The yelling was not seen from the angle of the camera as it hid us behind the green military truck.
Bjørn Kristian the guy who instructed the extras told me to go further in the back and then rush ahead and in between the others. I rushed through some of the people and almost knocked on the black car as I yelled Skyt han! (Shoot him) but was stopped by the military whom threw me back. This was recorded a few times. I spoke with the first AD (filmspilling lederen) Julie and mentioned that people should be more aggressive when the black car came. She decided to try a few variations to when the black car stopped that people called out to Quisling calling him a traitor and other words. She mentioned for me later that she was inspired by me in how I reacted when the black car entered the area.

In the last scene I slowly walked around the green military truck and rushed close to where the black car stood just as Quisling entered the building. This time the military did not have a chance to stop me. Multiple times I yelled out Skyt han! (Shoot him) and my arms went into the air fists clenching with anger and gradually it turned into sadness over things he had done which had affected me as a doctor but also my personal life. Others behind me also yelled out. All of it was recorded. The last scene was especially powerful.

I do wonder what they will use in the movie. As the director seemed to not really be into showing of emotions. But it was important that this scene did show emotions of pain, anger and sadness.

Scene 2 – ved backdøren til Gamle Logen.
Norwegian version.

Ved bakinngangen til den Gamle Logen. Der skulle Quisling komme i en sort bil. Før den så kom det først en grønn militær lastebil og så en to passasjer motorsykkel og så den sorte bilden med Quisling. Vi stod først og ropte. Bjørn Kristian nevnte at jeg skulle gå bak de andre og så presse meg i mellom de andre. Jeg gjorde det noen ganger og så ropte jeg Skyt han!, men dette var bak militær bilen slik at kamera ikke kunne filme dette. Jeg endret det til at når den sorte bilen kjørte fordi oss så stormet jeg mot den og ropte Skyt han! Vaktene hold meg igjen og kastet meg bakover. Dette ble gjentatt noen ganger. Så snakket jeg med Julie (filmspilling lederen) og nevnte at folk trengte å være aggressive. Så i en scene så ba hun flere om å rope foræder, etc. Julie nevnte for meg litt senere at hun ble inspirert av det jeg gjorde og sa.

Det siste opptaket i scenen så stormet jeg mot bilen som jeg hadde gjort noen ganger og ropt Skyt han!, men denne gangen stoppet jeg opp etter og rolig gikk ned til der bilen hadde stoppet. Gradevis så løp jeg mot bilen hvor Quisling kom ut og flere ganger ropte jeg igjen Skyt han! Andre ved siden av ropte også. Jeg stormet frem til bilen. Quisling hadde akkurat gått inn. Jeg ropte igjen flere ganger og løftet mine armer i været. Andre stod ved siden av meg ved bilen og ropte. Det gikk fra sinne og gradevis over til sorg i meg. Alt ble tatt opp igjennom kameraet.

Vi får se nærmere julen 2023 hva som blir med i filmen.

We had a break.

Scene 3 – Celebrating peace.
We walked to a small park next to some old buildings.
It was the 8th of May. Peace had arrived. A lot of happy yelling and singing.
Hipp hipp hurra and the singing of the 17th of May song.

This was the last scene that I was a part of in this movie. The day was finished. As we walked back to Gamle Logen Bjørn Kristian suggested a group picture. We were a lot of people in that picture. I look forward to sharing it here when I am allowed to do so.