Chapter 2: Part 5. Music video Gåte.

Recording date:


Sunday the 26th of September 2004

I did not write much about this experience. But this is what I recall. I received an acting/extra job as a knight in a music video by the Norwegian band Gåte.

I remember going to the production company Fante Film. Just a few days after being given the job. We were three knights. One was clean shaven, and another guy and myself had fairly new beards. It would have been nice to have had a longer beard but it was as it was.

It was my first TV/film job here in Norway. The recording was to take place a few days later at a farm in Maridalen. A wooded area in Oslo.

The music video.

The flame effects where made with a long metal tube with multiple holes in it where flames came out. They also added later on effects digitally to enhance the flames and also make new flames.