Chapter 2: Part 3. My new home.

Recording date:


Later in the day on Monday the 15th of August 2004

Even before I moved out from “cat-girl” I searched over the internet at for 1-2 rooms apartments in the Oslo area, and printed out 2 I found interesting. Later that day I called one at Ekeberg about 15 minutes buss trip from downtown Oslo, and talked with a man with a pleasant voice. I also checked out (renamed to NAV) for available jobs and found a few. I packed and cleaned “my” room and the bathroom. Most of the day “cat-girl” was out but she did return a few minutes before my brother came to pick up me and all my stuff. She did not want to talk any longer, and was not able to look into my eyes when I said good bye and stroked her hair one last time. She is a friend I care about but not in the way she had hoped for.

I did not really know where to go as I had spent some of the day trying to figure that out, but options were running out. One place I was thinking of moving into, but I could not move in that evening. My brother and I had to figure out something else. (If your in Norway and want to find something cheap check this site: or do a search)  I checked a local hotel with a banner outside saying a misguided price. My brother and I sat in the car outside the hotel and wondered where to go next. He then remembered that a friend of a friend who runs A residence or a hotel which my brother was able to negotiate a spare room for me for kr 295 (about $35 – which is really cheap). So we drove to a street right by Frogner Parken (a park with naked statues made about 100 years ago or so I think) into the residential area with embassies and other large buildings. It became my home for two days before I decided to move into the hybel at Ekeberg. Which is now my new home.

Just two days after moving out from my friend’s home I had a new home, a tiny home at the top in the remodelled attic of a house at Ekeberg.

17th and 18th of August 2004

I applied for various sales positions, and I am continuing to apply for various jobs that I find interesting.

20th of August 2004

I left for Kristiansand to visit “The Bishop” the 77 year old man whom I have been speaking with almost daily over the phone for about a week or two. I am visiting Nils for four days before I return to Oslo to attend various job interviews.

28th of August 2004

I went to the Gift Marked in Lillestrøm just north east of Oslo to talk with manufactures of products my parents sell to stores all over the US. Usually my mom attends but this time I am stepping in for her. I will take various pictures of the booths to show my parents various new products, and in general say hi.