Chapter 8: LA part 5 – The Screening of 21 Grams

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21 Grams movie poster
21 Grams movie poster

Friday 7th of November.
I was supposed to have brought Tess with me to the screening for 21 Grams but I know we both need time away from each other so I decided not to call her and ask if she still wanted to go. I feel too embarrassed right now to call Tess as well, as I feel like I told her things that I am not sure if I really meant or not, for the reason it seems to push her away from me.  

Aida (a friend of Christine who I was also staying at) had asked me last night if Lee Shelly a friend of hers who wanted to go could come with me, but I was hesitant to say yes. But I told Aida the next day that I could bring Lee Shelly with me.  

I spoke with her on the phone and we agreed to meet by the doors at 6.30 pm, but I was late and got there at 7 pm. We did not end up sitting next to each other as I did not notice her when I got into the auditorium, so I sat down on the second row on the left side instead. I had a feeling though as I looked backward that I saw Lee Shelly sit in the middle to back row, but it was too late as someone else came and sat down in the seat she held for me and I sat comfortably where I was.

The 21 Grams movie was split into three stories. Going back and forth like a weave. It was confusing at first to understand the back and forth of the stories but the further into the movie we went the more I had to think about what I saw. It was an interesting movie. The part where I was a photo double for Sean Penn where I fire a gun into the camera I saw myself for one glorious second fire the gun. It is the first I have seen of the movies that I am in, as I have not yet seen American Wedding.

This is me.

Afterward the director, writer and three of the main actors talked about the movie. There was an empty chair among them and I could perhaps have gone over to where I saw the producer sit and have asked if I could go up and sit down in the empty chair and perhaps even share my story of being a photo double for Sean Penn. As it would seem that I was on more of a level with the audience then the others on the stage. But I did not do so.

When that was done I was able to give a business card to the writer and also after I had gone outside a card to the director and a producer guy that I remember from the day that I worked.  

Lee Shelly had to leave so she left. I would have liked to spent just a little more time with her to get to know the person who I was supposed to have met at 6.30 pm by the entrance. I’ll call her sometime, as she asked me if I wanted to stand-in work which I did not answer as i was busy with something. Actually she asked if I did stand-in work on 21 Grams…