Chapter 8: LA part 1 – Back to Los Angeles

Recording date:


Thursday 2nd of October 2003.
I returned to the apartment I share with Christine and Len in Santa Monica at 10pm. Christine was happy to see me, while Len as always was in a grumpy mood. It felt foreign being back again after having been gone for a little over two months.

Thursday 9th of October.
Christine and I were still living in the same apartment. Len had moved out. We both needed to very soon move out and find another place to live.

I have been in a waiting mode all week. Not knowing if I want to get back into acting. Not feeling the inspiration to submit myself to any extra/background acting jobs. Wanting to spend more time with my close friends back in Minneapolis. Feeling torn between Minneapolis, Los Angeles and now also Norway. My brother had e-mailed me a junior high school reunion letter he received in the mail. Where is my life to go? It feels like a dark cloud is gradually moving away to slowly let the sun come forth again. I wait and see.

Friday 10th of October.
Stayed in my room all day.

Saturday 11th of October.
Tess came over and spent most of the day with us. Christine sat most of the period on the computer working next to Tess and I. We sat on the couch talking and slowly moving closer to each other and touching each other on occasion when a point was made. We later saw 13th Floor and Christine asked if we wanted to go out so I went to change to the black suit I wore the night before and Tess went home 10 minutes from there to change.

We went to a party in Hollywood closer to 2am and Christine looked for Lennie an agent in a company that among other things does modeling. We went out on the porch and there I meet Samon and Marcho two very special people that I instantly felt a connection with. Christine and Tess went inside and I continued to talk them both about God, until Christine told me it was time to leave to continue the party another location as the police had been on the door once so they kept the party at low volume. We Tess, Christine, Lennie came with us as well and I drove to the next place. Samon and Marcho came over after a bit so I could continue to talk with them both for a little while before we had to leave. Samon works with Lennie at the agency.

It was time to leave so Christine, Tess and I drove back to Santa Monica. As we got close Christine talked about going to another party even if it was 5am. I said it was late and wanted to sleep, but I decided to go with them to Malibu. James a guy Christine knows had beeped her a few times during the night, so she was eager to go over there. We arrived in Malibu at a house on the beach, and walked inside the dark house after having knocked for a moment, saying “hello?.” James who is a friend of the person house sitting came up and we walked downstairs to sit on the outside porch overlooking the water, rocks sticking out and a very full moon. Sitting on the porch close to Tess both covered by a blanket, it seemed like a dream. I dozed in and out while the three others were talking and singing some older rock songs from the 80’s. As began to freeze I went even closer into Tess to try and pick up some of her body heat. I rested my head on her shoulder and she rested her head on mine. I noticed later that Christine and James and disappeared. Tess and I began rubbing our legs toward each other in a rythmic fashion, both knowing what was going on. I kissed her and slowly with the help of my weight resting on her she glided backward on the couch falling into the spot where James and Christine had been sitting. I fell a sleep on top of Tess my chin nudged into the side of her naked throat. We slept for perhaps an hour before I suddenly jerked awaked feeling my noise drip. The sun was up and the water was even closer to the house almost touching the beams underneath. Seeing the ocean made me feel like I was at the cabin of my aunt and uncle back in Norway. It was magical to wake up on the porch overlooking the waves crash onto the beach just a few steps away. Tess and I got up and went upstairs to look for Christine. We found her and James sleeping on the lawn chairs on the upstairs porch. She was very much out of it so Tess and I drove home, while James was going to drive Christine home later in the day. I knew that I the night before needed to come along to Malibu and I am glad that I did, even if it was 5 am and I was very tired. Tess is a nurse who works three nights a week at the hospital where she was born and is used to being up nights. Christine just seems to not need much sleep and is used to partying. Two nights in a row of a lot of things happening.

Tess and I have seen each other after that night and are slowly getting to know each other better. We are finding out that we are fairly similar in our ways of looking and approaching life.

A week later…

Saturday 18th October.
Tomorrow Christine and I are moving out of the apartment on Pearl Street. It is time for her after 5 years to move on. I told her that I think we should continue to live together and that she agreed on. As I have a feeling she needs me around for another two months before she can go out more on her own, and before I myself can also go more out on my own. She can live at a friends place for the next two weeks, as we also have more time to find a a new place to live, while I do not know where I will be sleeping tomorrow night.

I did though feel compelled to write this post on Craiglist. Similar as to what I did back in the beginning of May when Jessie who lived at Pearl street responded by telling me that his huge sunny room was for rent. He moved out so I took his room. I will find out what God has in store for me this time.

33 year old spiritual/intuitive guy looking for new home
Reply to: your anonymous craigslist address will appear here
Date: Sun Oct 19 00:33:04 2003

I am a open minded/spiritual Norwegian guy looking for a new place to call home. My room mate and I are moving out Sunday and we will both be living some other place temporary before we plan on moving back together at another location (we will see how that goes). She can live with a friend for a while, and I will just see where I am guided after Sunday. If someone would like to house me temporary or longer please let me know (I will of course pay and/or I could house sit and care for people and animals). I am very intuitive and follow the path of the heart/God as I live my life. I help people that are stuck (or have pain) in their lives figure out why they are stuck so they can move onward on their own life path, as I myself follow the path of becoming more open with my life as I slowly become an actor.
If you for whatever reason feel compelled to respond, be it you would like to ask me questions about your own situation or any other reason, perhaps even invite me into your house or apartment for a visit and/or shorter/longer stay, contact me on my cell phone, 818-207-4018 or e-mail me at the above craiglist e-mail that will forward to my hotmail account.
All experiences in life, good or bad, for the soul it does not matter are experiences that can teach us more about our own life situation, who we are and perhaps also what we have to work with in ourself to become better human beings.

Have a great day.
Paal Joachim Romdahl

Monday 20th of October.
We are moving out using candle light this evening since electricity was shut off at 12 pm today. Christine got back a little while ago and was gone from about 11 to 6 pm since she and a friend drove the RV to a location and he drove back with her in the Uhaul truck. She also did a few other things along the way. She has almost not at all packed today….. and we have until 12 midnight, but it looks like we will be staying until tomorrow morning. Sigh it is not easy being around someone who becomes to unfocused on moving.

Tuesday 21st of October.
Warren came over and helped out and a little later in the day. I went with him to deliver the RV that he was not able to deliver the day before. We went for lunch and then the pickup. I followed him in his car as he drove the RV. A few hours later we were back. Christine had not packed as much as I had hoped.

Wednesday 22nd of October.
I woke up at 7.30am from a hard knock on the door. I went to the door thinking it might be the police or Warren. Before I opened the door I peaked in the round window in the door, but no one was there, so I went outside. A police officer shune his flash light in my face and told me to come down to him. He said that we have to be out of there. I said that we were packing and almost ready. He asked about Christine as he had a slip of paper saying who rented the place. We walked inside and he spoke with Christine. He later went out to his car and waited for a person who worked at the company that owns the apartment complex.

A locksmith came and changed the locks so that we would not have access any longer, but Christine spoke with the police officer so that we had until 5 pm that evening to vacate the premisses. Christine and I packed all day. She went through her stuff and packed them in boxes while I carried it out to the Uhaul we had standing outside. 5 pm came and we were still not finished. The person from the Landlords office came, and he saw that we were obviously not yet done, so he gave us another hour. At 6 pm he came back and we were almost finished, so he hung around impatiently waiting. But he softened up more and more as we talked with him. Closer to 6.15 pm we left the apartment and he locked it up so we could not get back in again.
We had left.
Just before leaving Scott a friend of Christine helped us carry the stuff we had laying outside into the truck or the garage under the building.

I will remember sitting on the outside stone steps in the hallway below our apartment, two carpets beside me, stuff in front, eating from the pot some of the remaining pasta lunch that Christine had made earlier in the day. It was a moment to remember…:)

Scott, Christine and I went to Starbucks to talk.

Later Christine drove to Adela (Aida?), while I drove down to Rosebud 5 minutes away to check on how Warren was doing. He had caught his arm up in audio/video equipment at the office while he was unplugging some equipment from under the desk. It fell on his head so they had to drive him to the hospital to get stitches. He was doing fine but he had to slow down, which we talked about the day before when he mentioned that he needed a break. He got hit by one.

I checked into a scruffy looking hotel for the night. I have stayed at the hotel once before back in March or April. There is a feeling of adventure being on the path of dreams coming true.

There is a tune of becoming. Christine will work at Rosebud as a Producer and work for Rob in another company who is directing a movie called “The Reader.” I will also become a part, and I will find out how that will be.

Thursday 23rd of October.
I am homeless. I decided to sleep in the car on Ocean Park Blvd close to the beach in Santa Monica. It worked out fine, and I slept alright.

The next few nights I stayed here and there at different motels.