Chapter 5: LA part 3 – ISM Disappoints

Recording date:


The Casting Director session

Wednesday the 14th of May 2003.

I attended a “class” session at ISM where two Casting Directors came in to hold a session. I skipped Tuesdays class as I wanted to attend my acting class instead. During the evening one thing was done, and that was to circle words that described the person sitting in the car in front, as well as which profession we think he or she would fit into. It took a while since all 8 were to sit in front. When we finished the class was practically over. That was a 100 bucks out the window, and tomorrow I will have a talk with Janelle the owner of ISM about getting my money back from this ridicules class. I spoke with another guy as we walked to our cars and he was also irritated by the class, and he told me that he also believed that two others were also irritated by the class as well.

Thursday the 15th of May 2003

I dropped by ISM to talk with Janelle, but people where busy and I was not able to get a hold of her. So I tried talking to someone else but they were all busy and I was brushed aside. I became agitated with them and decided to send Janelle an e-mail.

The E-mail to ISM

Here is the e-mail that I wrote:

Two weeks ago I called ISM to let them know that I was going to cancel the Casting Director classes as I saw that it would clash with my schedule. I was told that it would be taken care of, but it was not. I tried again and again to take care of it, but had no response.

So I came to the conclusion that I would take the classes that I had time to take. On the 14th I attended one class, and was not at all satisfied with the teaching.

I am not interested in attending the last class, as I see not point in doing so since the teaching is not at all usefull.

I would like a refund of the 299$ I paid for this class.

This is a matter that have become an irritation for me in regards to ISM. I do not like the method this was handled, as I was in ways forced to take the class even though I tried two weeks ago to cancel. I thought I might find it useful but I was wrong.

Please be sure that the next time you hold classes like this that the Casting Directors actually have something useful to share. I was not the only one that was irrirated with yesterdays class.

I have invested a lot of money into ISM, so please be so kind as to finish this matter and refund me the $299.

Thank you.

Paal Romdahl

(If I remember correctly I do believe that the money was returned to me for the Casting Director classes.)

Edit: 23 September 2022. I searched for ISM agency and came over just a few mentions. This is one of them: