Chapter 5: LA part 2 – A New Home

Recording date:


Sunday 11th of May 2003.

I have up to this point received two replies from my post on Craigslist, one from a girl moving out of a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment in Santa Monica.

“Hi-i have a room in Santa Monica, near the beach. it is very big, sunny, breezy room, with a private balcony and your own connected bathroom. apt. is 3 bedroom/2 baths.  I have to move for work, but it is a great place. Rent is 650 (i will pro rate for this month) and 650 deposit.  let me know asap – thanks – jess”

I sent her an e-mail so hopefully she will call me tomorrow so that I can come out and meet the two others living there and check out the place.

Thursday the 15th of May 2003

I had an appointment with Jesse (which is a guy not a girl) at the apartment in Santa Monica. He showed me the  apartment and the room that might possibly become mine. The room was nice. It felt airy with the small balcony outside. The windows were toward the Pacific Ocean and it seemed that the airy feeling come from a breeze that travelled across the ocean. The rest of the apartment looked fine. It seemed like a nice place to live.

The two others living there were not at home so I came back the day after.

Friday the 16th of May 2003

I drove to Santa Monica to meet Len and Christine. Christine is the girl who rents the apartment. We quickly connected and I noticed she is a dreamer as well. Len is like the Monk in the same name TV series, and a realist and looks at life from the practical point of view. Christine does not seem spiritual but seems to have a good heart. We talked about different things. Len asked me if I knew that Christine and I were to share a bathroom, which I already knew, since Jesse had told me. Len continued saying but you can not share the bathroom at the same time. Christine and I became quiet for a moment before she said if we want to we can. My thoughts went certain places with that comment. She looks nice and wore a low cut blouse so my eyes kept wandering through our meeting. I look forward to getting to know Christine better.

Saturday the 17th of May 2003 (Norwegian Independence day!)

I decided to move out of Travel Lodge as I finally realized that I needed to cut down on my expenses. It felt right to move out of Travel Lodge on this day. Jesse called and wondered if it was ok if I waited one more week before moving into the apartment in Santa Monica. I said it was ok. So I moved into Wilshire – Orange hotel a block south of Wilshire right by Fairfax avenue. The price was about half of what I payed at Travel Lodge.