Chapter 4: LA part 8 – Curb your Enthusiasm

Recording date:


Friday the 10th of May 2003.

Curb your Enthusiasm

The day before (Thursday) Melvin “pushed” me into getting some new suits, and I went along with it slowly realizing that I did need it. He helped me pick them out as he himself has some very nice cloths. He knows how important it is to look good in the movie and TV industry. The two new suits one black and one light brown, two shirts and two ties were placed into a garment bag. When I got back to the hotel I placed them into the closet.

The following morning I brought the bag with me in the car to the extras job on “Curb Your Enthusiasm” just in case they wanted me to change, which they did, so I used a light brown suit that I had bought the day before as well as some new black shoes that fit with the cloths. I had been told over the automatic telephone service that gave us info on the job that I was to be one of the casual clothed ones for the court room, so I wore some casual cloths when I first got to there. But when I saw the wardrobe girl I told her that I had brought along some other cloths that I had left in the car, so she told me to go and get it, which I did and showed it to her. She picked out the light brown suit, so I changed into that and the new black shoes. Suddenly I had turned into a lawyer, or so it seemed later on in the day.

There were a group of extras as juror’s, some as cops, a girl I hung around with through the day was the stenographer, a group of lawyers, and the casual clothed group which I had a first been a part of. The jurors, cops, and the stenographer seemed to be busy for a long time, while the rest of us hung around in the “holding” area (name used for the area where extras hang around and wait until they are needed).

Some read, others chatted, some did somekind of work. I went to the car and got some phone numbers so I could make some calls. One of the calls I made was to a company called Proartistsgroup which I had signed up with a few days earlier. I had paid $395 at start and for this I will get photos for my portfolio once a month, 4 free acting classes, attend show cases once a week where casting directors come in and audition people for roles. I am lacking in information and will gather more as I work with them. They told me when I signed up, to call on Friday or Monday mornings and ask about the showcases. It was Friday morning so I called them.

Francesca at Proartistsgroup told me that Ron Digman the casting director (person who picks out actors for roles) for Dawson’s Creek and Riba was coming in. She told me to drop by on Monday to pick up sides/scripts and come between 7-9pm on Tuesday. I said thank you and hung up, but the moment I hung up I realized that I had acting class from 7-10pm on Tuesdays. I called my acting instructor Jules and told her about the audition, and she told me that she would help me with learning the script and give me tips on Monday evening so that I would be even more ready for the audition. I told her that the audition was the same time as class and she mentioned that I should get there early and ask to go first telling them that I need to go to my acting class. This way they would also see that I am serious, as I am also taking acting classes.

We sat around for a while and the time came when one of the crew came over and directed us onto the court stage. The first scene was sitting in the brown leather seats while Larry the guy who runs the show had a scene with a big breasted black hooker in front of the judge. The scene was done over and over again, and the cameras switched position to show the judge saying his one line; “O Mr David…..” The cameras switched another time, and then the extras group was guided out again. It was time for Lunch. There are special catering trucks for the TV and movie industry, which means that the food is very good. We sat outside in the nice sunny 70’s degree (almost 20 degree celsious) somewhat windy weather but very nice and relaxing. Since being an extra means waiting around one usually gets to know the people who one hangs out with, some better than others.

A few hours later we went back into the court. This time we walked in the hallway outside of the court, and the black hooker had a very short scene with the two cops as she continued walking to the front of the court room where she meet up with a few people. This scene was recorded over and over again, and the time seemed to almost stand still for a while. The next scene was inside the courtroom with the camera pointed inside and upward toward the judge from outside the room. Most of the extras were let go, but the 4 of us as well as the stenographer and a cop was held back for this last scene that was to be recorded today. The 4 of us stood up as the judge came into the court and found his seat. This scene was also recorded a few times, and then there was a small celebration in knowing that the day was over with. I had spoken with one of the crew and he had worked over 12-14 hour days in the last week, and was just waiting for the weekend to arrive so he could sleep.

I waited for Tania the Stenographer and teased her a bit as she had to sit still on a wooden chair for a long period of time, as it seemed like sitting still was not her thing. We walked back to the holding area to be signed out by one of the crew. The crew person wrote on the voucher (time sheet for payment) when call time had been (9am) and when we signed out which was at 6pm.

Back to Hollywood and my favorite Travel Lodge. Which I hope to switch out soon with a more stable solution a place that I can call home.

Words that come after.

I have been sitting at the internet cafe writing the above. It is the middle of the night and time for me to get some sleep. As I walk across the street there is traffic as if it was in the middle of the day. Even the internet cafe had lots of people in it. Night life in Los Angeles is not much different than day life it seems. The biggest difference is that there are less people, stores are closed and it is dark. But multiple restaurants are open 24 hours a day. A few weeks ago I joined my acting instructor Jules and her son Andee and another from acting class as we went to Jerry’s restaurant for a night snack. We stayed until past 3am. There were others at the restaurant as well. It was crazy. At 3.30am it looked like it was 3.30pm in the middle of the day on a regular Tuesday!

The longer I write, the sooner the dawn of light will be creeping up and the birds will begin to sing, so it is time to go. Happy Mothers day to all mothers out there, especially my own mom!