Chapter 3: LA part 2 – Acting Class

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Acting class

Tuesday 1st of April 2003

It was another fascinating acting class today, and it was interesting to see how various people did the cold reading with a scene from a plane in the movie Fight Club. I also had much fun with it.

We received 3 pages with dialog and had a little while in class to read it over on our own. There were perhaps 10 students who two by two went through the dialog from the movie Fight Club. An interesting conversation between two who have never met but who sat beside each other on a plane.  It was fascinating to see how different people performed the dialog. Varied and fun to watch. I was one of the last to go, and I read with a new guy who had come on this day to check out the class. He had asked me earlier which character I wanted to read and I told him that it did not matter, but at the time when we were going to perform I told him that I wanted to do the one character that was a little more difficult to read. It was the character that he wanted to perform because he had seen the movie lots of time, so I told him that we could switch after the first performance, so we did.

The one character in the script Tyler seemed more arrogant, than the other, and I had a great time trying both roles. Others also enjoyed “the show.”

For next time we are to memorize a role. I decided to memorize both roles. Our performances are recorded onto video cassettes (VHS) that we will look at sometime in the future. I can probably borrow my own cassette and bring it home to Minneapolis sometime and show it to my family and friends.

There is a sense of actors that will make it big in this class. Jules the instructor talked about it later on when I came along with her, Andie her son, and Bachiya an assistant, to Jerry´s a 24hour open cafe. There is a sense of great skill in everyone in this class, which was proved through the cold reading.

One of the reasons why Jules has picked out scenes from a current TV series and a movie and there will be more to come, is that we are then able to say a few lines from the various current movies or series to Casting Directors that might have had something to do with the Cast for them. So it is well thought out.

I have an advantage that most of the others in the class do not have, I am new so that I can learn things with a totally fresh mind. The others already have training from other places which has created a mindset or a way of thinking how to act. As Jules told me some of them have bad habits, I do not know what that is yet though, but I might find out over time.