Chapter 2: LA part 2 – Dare Devil

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Getting to know Los Angeles.

Monday 24th February

I drove around much of the day getting to know various areas of western Los Angeles. Culver City south of Hollywood has a few major studies Sony, CBS and Culver Studios.

The hill top by Culver Studios one could see all the way to the coast in the west and all the way north and east to the white lettered Hollywood sign that stands up on top of a hill. It is am amazing view! There is a park here where one can look at the view. There even seems to be oil drilling activity going on in the area.

The Craig Kilborn Show

I continued my drive in the Culver City area and came across CBS studios, and decided to stop and ask if it was possible to get in and attend a show. It was but I had to go to another entrance for a ticket, which I got for the 4.45pm Craig Kilborn show. I had a few hours and wandered around in the area next to the CBS lot in a very cozy small town atmosphere shopping area. I dropped by Borders Books store and got some info on Acting. Later at 4.30pm I walked over to the studies but there were already a lot of people waiting. They let people inside in groups and there were perhaps 40 people left outside including me when the message came that the seats inside were filled and that there were no spaces left. So the group outside split up and left.  I went back to the car and drove toward a place called Samual French a store in Hollywood that I had been told has a lot of material on acting. I did not find it, so I decided to check into another Travel Lodge for the night. Then went to eat dinner.

The Dare Devil movie at the Chinese Theatre

Daredevil poster

After dinner I headed toward the spot lights I saw a few blocks away coming from Hollywood Boulevard. As I came close I saw the spot lights from across the street from the Chinese Theatre. The Theatre looks newer now than the last time I saw it a few years ago. The new Kodak Theatre building next to it will host the Oscars at the end of March. I walked into the theatre and continued into the main cinema containing a very nicely decorated space with a style from ages ago. I had seen no one, but here in the cinema space there were a hand full of people sitting. At the same moment I entered the movie Dare Devil began as if it had waited for me to arrive. The movie was pretty good and afterward I walked over to the Kodak building next door to look at where the various movie stars were going to promenade the red carpet in about a month. I hope to be there and watch from the outside and see how many movie stars that I recognize.