Chapter 2: LA part 13 – Writer Symposium Continues

Recording date:


Saturday 8 March 2003

I had so very much enjoyed the previous day at the writer symposium that I decided to take another day. It was being held this day at the Beverly Hills Hilton. I arrived right before 9am. The hotel was filled with various writers, and at lunch I began a conversation with one of the others who were attending the conference.


There was something different about her. Some strangeness about her energy, as if things were in the wrong place. Tarren has a very special story, and also senses that she has put aside. We spoke a few times after lunch as well. I knew that I could help her and offered her help to find back to her own center. When the conference finished for the day we went to a cafe where I had some dinner. Afterward we went to her apartment where a process began on centering in. I just followed what I felt that I was to do, and there were also helper beings around to support the process. We finished and Tarren felt that something had let go of her.

Meetings similar to this happen on occasion as a deeper layer inside of me speaks through me using words and actions. I really enjoy opportunities to help people in this profound way.

Sunday 9 March 2003

Church Sunday

I went to San Pedro today. To the Norwegian Sailors Church. In ways I felt drawn there. I came to church closer to 12 am and arrived for the last 30 minutes of the worship service, and in time for the communion.

After the service I came across a couple that I began to talk with. Or rather I was fascinated by the woman and spoke with her and joined the couple and sat at the same table as them during the kaffe stund (coffee break).

I went to buy some Wasa Knekkebrød and some kaviar when I noticed one woman give some advice about the stiff neck of another woman. I walked over had a conversation with the other woman, Gry, and spoke with her about healing herself through taking deep breathes, and in general slowing down just for a moment to realize what she was doing. I end up going out to lunch with the 3 women who were planning on having lunch together.

We drove in three cars to the restaurant. I drove with Gry, and we were able to talk about God and how off centered Gry seemed to be. About her need of finding back to her own center in strength and trust in God. We were able to talk in the car all the way to the restaurant, and also on the way back to church were we sat for perhaps an hour and spoke about strength, trust in God, and realizing that our lives are in Gods hands. Gry opened up about the issues in her life and realized what she needed to do about them. I will probably see her on occasion as she works in the Hollywood area perhaps 10 minutes from my hotel.

Monday 10 March 2003

The last day of the Writers conference.

I decided to go to the last day of the Script Writing conference. I went to the Beverly Hills Hilton and was able to listen to four people working at various production companies.

The conference location was chosen because of the much larger award ceremony for the Screen Writers Guild (SWG) Two days ago when I attended the conference I heard Gary the man in charge walk upstairs by the International Hall to ask people in the industry to come downstairs to the small room were were in to say a few words to us before they needed to go back up again to the award ceremony. I think he probably did the same thing today, but I was not there to experience the benefits of it as I had to leave early as I had an appointment with ISM management, a talent search agency.

On my way out the door I stood and waited to for a moment to watch who was arriving for the Screen Writers Guild lunch and noticed Nia Vardalos from “A Big Fat Greek Wedding” and Renee Zellweger enter and go upstairs to host the lunch for people who were a part of the Writing Guild Awards ceremony held here two days ago.