Chapter 2: LA part 11 – The Book Signing

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Wednesday 5 March 2003

My day began pretty relaxed. Getting out the door at 12am, hunting for a place to have my lunch. My brother who is in Oslo called on my cell phone while I was looking for the lunch place and by the time we finished I had found a nice place in West Hollywood on Santa Monica boulevard.

The Book signing

In the evening I went to the book signing at the Beverly Hills Library. The core production team from the movie Chicago were there and I had a better chance to interact with them some more than what I had the day before. I got there at 7.10pm and waited in a line for a moment before we were let in to the room where the short discussion was going to be held. There were probably around 70 people there. Three or four from the audience were able to ask questions about the movie before someone from took it to a stop as the rest of time would be needed for the production team to sign books.

Rob Marshall

We were in lines but at 8pm Rob Marshall the Director had to leave, and many were disappointed that he would not be able to sign their books. I hesitated for a moment wondering if I was going to run after him, so I could tell him that he seems like a very warm open hearted person. I went after Rob and told him, and also mentioned that I was getting into acting. He replied that I had the look for it, and from his expression it seemed that he wanted to say more, but could not find the words to explain what it was. As he said the words his hand turned in a roundish way that was similar to the movement of opening the wheel on a safe. I told him that I had given a business card to Bill the Writer and his publicist that was for him, and he replied that he would get it later.

Rob Marshall April 2011 wikipedia
Rob Marshall April 2011 wikipedia.

Connecting with the Chicago team

I went back into the room where the signing was taking place, and found my spot in line. I was closer to the end of the group and the production team were really patient with everyone. It was interesting interacting with them again as well, and they recognized me from yesterday. I also spoke for a bit with the publicist that I had briefly spoken with yesterday. And I asked her what a publicist does, her reply was, setting up appointments, events like this, taking care of press and various other events that needs to be taken care of. It was good talking with her today as my impression of her improved from the initial impression I received yesterday.

Being helpful

I stuck around to the end and left at the same time as the rest of the Chicago team, one of the producers thanked me on the way out, not sure what for, but perhaps just being around with a very positive attitude. Being helpful to a few people, for instance one who could not get back in line with a Chicago poster he had been able to get a hold of at the desk where they sold the books. He had already gone through, so I took the poster from him and brought it with me since I was still in line and got the team to sign it for him.

Another person wanted to take a picture of the team but the girl in charge from said no pictures. The woman who wanted a picture had waited for 20 minutes, and was very disappointed, so I told her I will take a picture of her. Just go behind the team and I will take it. I did not disturb the team at all since they were busy at the end signing books that were going to sell in their store. So I bent the rules to help, and it was my pleasure in helping them.

A great evening comes to an end.

It was a fun evening and I felt great because of the very pleasant interaction I had with the production team, the publicist, and Rob’s comments about me having the look that would fit into acting.

I feel that I am about ready to begin the process of mass mailing my headshot and my very limited resume to casting agents all over the city.