Chapter 2: LA part 10 – The Musical Chicago

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Chicago Musical movie poster 2002
Chicago Musical movie poster 2002

Tuesday 4 March 2003

I went to bed last night full of energy, and I had a very peaceful night, so peaceful that I in the morning for a while did not want to get up.

I am up and ready to check out a few places. I walked up to the Egyptian Theatre to find some more information on the screening of the movie Chicago at 7.30pm tonight.

The pre-screening of the Musical Chicago

A few days ago I found out that the Egyptian Theatre on Hollywood boulevard (close to where I am staying at Travel Lodge these days) was going to show the movie musical Chicago and 2 Producers, the Writer and the Director were going to attend and have a session after the move about the process they went through with making the movie.

I decided that it would be exciting to go to this special event, as in my mind it seemed like a preshow to the Oscars on the 23rd of this month. Before I walked to the theatre I dropped by Kinko’s to finish up some headshots, and some additional business cards so I would be ready for show time.

I was late

I arrived an half hour late at the Egyptian Theatre, and for a moment it seemed that I would not be able to get in as a security person stopped me at the door. She had to check to see if there were any tickets left and that they were still willing to let someone who was late in to watch the movie. They let me buy a ticket and in I went.

I sat on the back row, noticing in the dark a piece of paper taped to the headrest of the chair beside me that read “Reserved for Miramax.” In front of me and a few seats to me left were slips of paper that read “VIP seating” thrown back behind the head rests of the people sitting there. It was obvious to me that there were a bunch of people who work in the movie industry who were gathered to celebrate the movie musical Chicago.

The Director and the writer of Chicago

I really enjoyed how the movie intertwined musical pieces and the story line, and the Writer and the Director spoke about that afterward and how they had spend much time trying to figure out how to make the movie progress naturally without having the musical parts in ways interrupt the telling of the story.

It was fascinating listening to stories about their work in creating the movie, and how the Director, Rob Marshall, used three months of pre-pre production to figure out movements, clothing and lightning. With the Writer, Bill Condon, they together worked out the script.

Mickey Rooney

Rob thanked Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland for the inspiration he received through the movies they made many years ago, and suddenly with a surprise to Rob and many others me included Mickey Rooney stood up among the audience and told Rob that he had done an amazing job with Chicago and that hopefully this would signify a comeback for movie musicals. Rob was very grateful and flabbergasted by Mickey Rooney’s comments, and thanked him dearly.

Singing and dancing

Through the session Rob talked about how Richerd Gere had back in the 80’s done musicals, Catherine Zeta-Jones had never done a musical just some singing in the shower and some dance in school before, and Renée Zellweger had to learn how to dance and sing. Their approach to dancing was more of looking at how the character would move and not one step right, one step left, technicality as a person who dances would likely prefer to do. So the actors approach was also one that Rob preferred.

Mickey Rooney stood up a few more times during the session and gave a few more comments for the Chicago team in front, and thanked them for the musical.

It seemed like there were a few others who were a part of the production but they sat as a part of the audience listening to the session, so I don’t know their connection with the movie.


As the session came to a close I wanted to walk down and tell Rob that he seemed like a good open hearted person, but he disappeared so quickly that I did not have the time to connect with him. But as I came closer to the remaining team who had spoken about their production I bumped into another actor. She that had the same thing on her mind as I did. To give Rob a business card for future considerations. I have no idea who she is. Since Rob the Director had left I suggested for her to come along with me so we could talk with one of the Producers. We walked up to him as he was about to leave the girl trailing behind me. I told him that they had done a very nice job with Chicago and Rob was a kind of open hearted person that I would enjoy working with. I asked him if he would be willing to give my business card to Rob, and held out my card to him, when Rob’s publicist who stood beside the Producer told me that she would give the card to him. I do not think she will though, as I believe she has been in this position many times before and just thrown away business cards received in this way. I had the impression that her thoughts were saying the opposite of what her lips were saying. So I walked over to Bill, the Writer, a moment after the Producer and Publicist had left. When the time was right I asked him if he would be willing to give my card to Rob also mentioning that Rob seemed like a very open hearted person and a good person to work with. Bill said that he would, and his words matched a lot better his thoughts, and I believe that he will give my card to the Director of Chicago.

Perhaps something will come of it……He will at least have my card, and perhaps wonder what to do with it.

Thanks Mon!

I got to thank my mom for teaching me by example how to be pushy in a nice way. It sure is an important trait to have when trying to get or I could say break into the movies.

Up to this point I have handed my card over to a few people. What, if anything will come of that I will perhaps find out some day. In the mean time I will be continuing to go to various events to meet people and see what will become of it.

I had a thrilling evening and perhaps I will go to their book signing tomorrow evening at the Beverly Hills Library, or I might go to a concert with the Norwegian band called Røyksopp. I’ll figure that out tomorrow…

Have a nice evening at the movies..:)