CHAPTER 9: LA part 4 – Lemony Snicket

Thursday 6th of November 2003.
I went to the fitting for Lemony Snicket (not Lemony Snake) a movie with Jim Carrey and Meryl Streep. A Victorian/modern movie whatever that is meant to mean. I heard that the Director, Costume Designer and Executive Producer had picked me and others out for Police and Firemen. At 10 am I went to the Paramount Studies lot in Hollywood and waited for my turn to take place. As I sat and waited one of the hairdressers looked at me on occasion. A while later it was my turn to be fitted into a police uniform and the guy gave me pants but it was too big. I tried another pants but that was also too big. As the pants did not fit I could not become a victorian police officer. I went to sign out and the hairdresser told me that she felt intuitively that she needed to wait with cutting my hair. We figured out why as I was not able to take part as an extra. The girl who signed me out, as in gave me my work voucher so that I would get paid for the fitting told me to wait for a call from Central Casting about perhaps becoming a pedestrian in the movie or something else.

I have not yet received any call and tomorrow is the day that they will do the first filming on stage 4 at Paramount Studies. I left a message for my contact person at Central Casting and perhaps he will check into it or perhaps not. I had this feeling when I left that it was supposed to happen like this.