CHAPTER 9: Last part – A White Christmas

Going back to Minneapolis.

Saturday the 20th December 2003.
I left Los Angeles at 5am and was quickly on my way heading back to Minneapolis. I drove all day until late that night. I had seen a few police cars along the way, and was quick to slow down. But I began to become arrogant and one time did not slow down enough. Around the next corner a police car waited. This time it waited for me. I knew from the moment that my brights hit the cop car that I was caught. As I drove by I constantly glanced in the rear view mirror to see if he was going to pull out after me. The police car pulled out from the dirt road between the opposing lanes in the major highway and slowly as a tiger following it’s prey come closer and closer until it suddenly decided to jump turning on it’s multi colored lights. I pulled over right away. I knew that I had been too arrogant as I had been so lucky along my journey up to that point. It had been a fast drive, but because of my arrogance it cost me $58 (the lowest speeding ticket I have ever heard of) driving 87 mph in a 75 mph zone between Denver and the border to Nebraska.

A few hours later far into the night I had to stop at a rest area and sleep in the cars for a while before I continued. I was eager to get back to Minneapolis. As I came into the midwest I saw snow again. It felt like winter. Los Angeles has one season, summer.