Chapter 7: LA part 3 – Rest

Friday 18th of July.
My dad’s birthday! Happy birthday dad!
A day of restless resting.

Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th.

Monday 21st.
I attended the Simpsons “Conversations” hosted by SAG (Screen Actors Guild). When I got back home I felt depressed again.

Tuesday 22nd.
I did not want to go so I called and cancelled the “audition” at Proartistsgroup. The call just came over me, and I did it. It was to be that way, even if I fought with my will to go yesterday and even dropped by and picked up the sides, it just did not happen.

Wednesday 23rd.
I called Scandia Travel and spoke with Berit and ordered a plane ticket leaving on Friday back to Minneapolis. I was thinking I would spend some time perhaps two weeks in Minneapolis. To get some distance and rest. It had been three months since my last visit.

Thursday 24th.
I drove to downtown Santa Monica as I was going to Citibank to get $700 cash for next month’s rent. Right next to Citibank I noticed a Vegetarian restaurant and thought finally I have found a place where I can go and eat something that my body needs, some real food. I went there after I had finished at the bank and sat down next to the entrance right by the windows. The place was very small and also has an upstairs section. As I sat there the two who sat beside me talked about movies, and it seemed like the woman was an actor and the daughter of a big named film person. She had an arrogance over her that radiated that she was used to only associate with famous people. The guy she was talking with was some kind of producer or at least working in the film industry.

I listened in on occasion and as they got their food I asked them what they had ordered. Jeffrey replied. I got a similar salad which I noticed radiated energy similar to the water in my glass. It is the life energy that the body needs, and all organic foods have it naturally.
The woman talked about having big named movie stars in her projects. A few moments later and at the end of their meal and my meal we paid our bills at the same time. I overheard the woman mentioning that there are so many undiscovered actors out there, Jeffrey said yes. They had a pause in the conversation. At that moment as I had my wallet out I took out two of my business cards with my picture and asked them if it was ok for me to disturb them for a moment. Jeffrey nodded, so I proceeded to tell them that since they had just spoken about undiscovered actors a moment ago, Jeffrey began to smile, that I am from Norway and have been here for a few months and that I am gradually getting into acting. I gave them each my business card. Jeffrey asked me my name and I was able to stumble over my name Paal, and we shook hands and he said Jeffrey, and smiled. It seemed he thought the whole thing was great. My timing was perfect and he continued to smile as they left. I left just behind them heading for my parked car one block away.

Friday 25th of July.
Friday morning came and I got up excited to know that I was going home. The trip back to Minneapolis went smooth, and I landed at 5.15 having dad pick me up at the curb. The rest of the evening I rested at home with mom and dad.