Chapter 2: LA part 1 – The First Few Days

The first few days in Los Angeles

………filled with confusion, not knowing how to proceed thinking that they way forward would magically appear with softness and sturdiness. That was really not the case. Here are my first days in Los Angeles.

The daughter of a friend from Mindekirken (The Norwegian Church in Minneapolis) called on my cell phone as I sat outside talking with someone from the Greyhound bus during one of the many breaks during my trip from Minneapolis to Los Angeles. She asked me if I had any place to stay when I came to Los Angeles. I said that it was still unclear but that I could check into a cheap hotel when I arrived, but she was kind enough to offer me to stay one night at their home in Beverly Hills.

I arrived with my suitcase and my huge backpack at 5.50pm and was picked up by a friend of the family and he drove me back to their home.

Friday morning the 19th of February

I sit here on the corner of the bed in the guest room looking out the windowed door to the small tile porch filled with various types of plants. Behind the plants, a rock face climbs steeply upward perhaps in a symbolic meaning showing the struggle it takes for many who live in this neighborhood to get here. I wonder what sacrifices they made and how much of themselves they gave up to gain an address in Beverly Hills with a zip code of 90210.

Saturday 20th

They have offered me to stay one additional night, but in the morning they were leaving for New York, and I was going to drive them to the airport. Another assistant would stay and take care of the house while they are gone, what I am going to do I will find out soon enough. Because I just do not know right now.

This morning her husband and I drove to Enterprise rental cars where he can get a special deal. He helped me rent a good car so that I am able to get around.

I am resting most of the day today and am getting used to the sudden change from Winter in Minnesota with 15 degrees (7-8 minus celsius) to a sunny warm 70’s degrees (round 20 celsius). I think I can get used to living here….

Sunday 23rd of February

Saturday early morning I drove the couple I was staying at to the airport. They were heading for New York for about 10 days. They let me stay one more night (so two nights) at their home before I had to figure things out. But the one day part was unclear for me since it turned into two days, so I thought it was alright to stay longer…. Especially now that they also had another person a friend of the lady that had come in to house sit. I thought it would be alright that Sunny and I hung out a bit for a few days, since we also connected as well as we did.

I had lunch today (Sunday) with David, friend of the couple, a smiling tall curly blond guy with glasses in his early 20’s. The Griddle on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood looked like a popular cafe since there was waiting time for lunch. Everyone sat around tables or the bar in one big room. David had finished at Northwestern University in Chicago two years ago and had decided he wanted to go to LA to pursue script writing. We had a good talk, when suddenly my cell phone rang, and I noticed it was the energetic lady of the house calling from New York. I stepped outside as the noise from everyone around made it very hard to hear what she had to say. She asked me if I had found a place yet, which I replied not yet. It seemed the promise was that I was going to leave as soon as I had found a place, which in reality meant leave the next day. She continued to say that it would disturb Sunny in her work at house sitting that I was still there. I had earlier asked Sunny if it was ok for me to stay a bit longer, and it was ok with her if it was ok with the lady of the house. I thought it was ok but I was mistaken it was not ok. The lady wanted me out as the house was promised to Sunny, and I was not a part of that deal.

I was a bit shaken up her talk, and mentioned what I was told to David. In challenge I become energetic and scared as I see it as a drama that is created, and I enjoy dramas..(some of them)..perhaps it is one of many reasons I want to become an actor. I talked about it for a bit not knowing what to do. If I needed to move out the same day or not.

On the way out the door after lunch we stopped by the table of two of David friends who was also there eating lunch. I mentioned in a joking fashion that I had just received my first eviction, and that I was now out on my own not knowing what to do. I knew things would work out ok though, they always do.

The Hollywood Hils

Lunch was over and I was in mixed emotion on how to proceed. I end up driving up to the top of a hill just north of Hollywood, perhaps I was seeking to gain a physical overview of my own situation by going to the top of the large hill. By having a better view of my surroundings I would also gain a better view to my life in the next few days.

As I was up driving around on the curvy hill roads I came across an interesting and unexpected sight. I noticed the white catering delivery truck and 50 to 60 people having their lunch on the side of the road in the space-ish curve.  I slowly drove by watching the people eat wondering if I would recognize any actors among them. A few hundred feet further down a small road went to the left where two white delivery size trucks had been parked containing text indicating they had to do with film. I decided to drive in the small road and up the narrow road to a open space big enough for the car to park. I stopped and went out of the car to look at the amazing view of Hollywood below. I understood why they had chosen the house right next to where the trucks where parked as the view from the pool area on the porch outside was similar to the view I was experiencing. I wondered what scenes they were creating as perhaps they would film outside on the porch with Hollywood in the distance below.

I drove on and on the top of the hill I had to do an u turn and come back down the same road passing by the trucks a second time. This time the crew was heading back to the house, and I stopped letting two black actors dressed up in nice gowns and much makeup pass by in front of my car. They looked at me and I at them having eye contact wondering about each other. I continued down the road and the thought slowly crept up in me that I wanted to ask if they needed an extra on set, so I did an u turn and came back up again driving by various people walking from the lunch area back to the house were they were filming. I had noticed a sign further down that read Palamar Studios with an arrow pointing up the road. I drove further up and mom happen to call on my cell phone while I sat in the car on the side of the road thinking about asking the film crew if they needed an extra. She quizzed me on how I was doing. I said ok and told her of my trip up into the hills above Hollywood, but not of my reason to come up here though, as mom would worry about me. After our talk I did a u turn further up and drove back down again wanting to ask someone about the filming that was taking place. I passed by one guy wearing a small headset, and thought briefly about asking him, but I did not dare to do so.

I drove back to the house, but could not get my key to work so I sat outside the door for a while looking through small locale newspapers I had picked up the day before. Trying to find ads from people seeking room-mates. Locking myself out was not new as I the day before had gone outside the door without the key on me to sit in the sun, and closed the door behind me not knowing it had an automatic lock.

A new home?

I had locked myself out again and this time I was not to stay there any longer. I am not there any longer now. I was about finished with the newspapers when I received a call from David the guy I had lunch with earlier. He told me that one of his friends he had spoken with after lunch had come across an ad over the internet that mentioned a house where there are 6 room mates. One is leaving so they are looking for a new room mate. They had their “open house” today from 3-5, and it was about 4, so I needed to get out there and check it out. I thanked him for the tip on the house, and called the number he gave me for directions.

It took me about 20 minutes heading east and a bit south from Beverly Hills. I did not know what to expect. The house seemed alright and the guy who is leaving gave me and another a tour of the house. At the end I gave him my card, and also signed up on their sheet of persons interested. He plans to have the other 5 living in the house gathered on Thursday evening so they can meet a possible future room mate. Perhaps it will be me……I will find out on Thursday, and see what I and they decide.

The medium rare hamburger

I drove back to Beverly Hills and sat outside the house for a few minutes noticing that Sunny had not come home yet. I was hungry so I decided to head down the road to Beverly Hills Hotel and eat dinner. I figured I might as well see if there were any “stars” there so I could report back to the Norwegian pastors daughters back in Minneapolis that yes I have now seen a movie star or two. I parked next to the famous hotel and went inside to look around. I end up eating at the Sunset Lounge where they had just finished afternoon tea and was changing the tables around for the evening. I decided on the Beverly Hills Sirloin Hamburger, and a Herb tea. It is the first time anyone has asked me how I want the meat for the hamburger done. Served on a nice white plate with included silverware, and porcelain for the tea. I sat there as I was myself a movie star, feeling just as home thinking I was one.

What is the difference between a movie star and someone else, I don’t know, I have not figured that out yet.

After my Sirloin burger and evening tea I asked about the Polo Lounge the place to where one can often times see movie stars. I drove there right afterward and noticed that the room was a bit dark. And no I did not see any movie stars, as the Lounge was fairly empty on this Sunday evening.

Out I go

I drove back to the house where I was staying and just a moment after I parked Sunny came back. I told her that I could not open the top lock, and I was sure that this time it was not my fault that I could not unlock the door. She told me that the key I had works in both locks. I was sure I had tested it earlier in the day, but now it worked fine. I opened the door and saw the guy who  had picked me up from the Greyhound bus station the evening I arrived. I knew why he was there, and he would pretty soon confirmed my thoughts.

I went inside with Sunny behind me and began to talk of my day, from the time I had lunch and onward, and of the confusion with how long I could stay at the house in Beverly Hills. As I happen to mention that I could probably stay one or two more days, Harry told me that I had to leave the same night (tonight). The lady of the house had called him to be sure that I left and he had been sent over to be sure that I was out. When he told me that I had to leave the same evening I immediately began to pack my things, as it was closer to 7pm and it would probably take a while to find a cheap hotel in the area. I told him that I had began to rest probably too much after I had arrived and now it was time for the next to come. It forced me to take the next step onward to get me on my feet again. No worries I will always be fine whatever happens, and being “evicted” just made me check into a hotel which I had probably done from the beginning off if the lady of the house had not called and offered me to stay at their house for a day or two. It became not two days but three, and I am grateful for the contacts she has given me, as well as the support during the first few days. It is now up to me and God to handle this forward, which is usually the case anyway.

What comes next……?

I have some ideas. What will be of them, you as well as I will find out.

The motel

I sit here on the corner of the flower covered queen size bed at Travel Lodge hotel perhaps 5 minutes from Beverly Hills writing the events of the very active day. The weather was mostly grey today as it was also how I felt inside of me most of the day wondering about what would come next. I have found a possible place to live, if it is to be me who lives there I will find out soon enough. In the mean time I will as I have been doing, take one day at a time.