Thursday 6th of November 2003.I went to the fitting for Lemony Snicket (not Lemony Snake) a movie with Jim Carrey and Meryl Streep. A Victorian/modern movie whatever that is meant to mean. I heard that the Director, Costume Designer and Executive Producer had picked me and others out for Police and Firemen. At 10 am Continue reading CHAPTER 9: LA part 4 – Lemony Snicket

Sunday 8th of June 2003 Lost Focus, the name of an Independent movie written, produced and directed by Sanford Fleishman. Has en entry at  IMDB  (Image Movie Database) where I am also mentioned in the credits. The call Yesterday Michele from Extras Casting Guild called me again. She first tried to get a hold of me on Continue reading Chapter 5: LA part 9 – Lost Focus part 1 Bar Scene